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I Have Found My Confidence in Everton This Season- Alex Iwobi.

I Have Found My Confidence in Everton This Season- Alex Iwobi.

Alex Iwobi, the super eagle’s winger, has expressed his excitement over his new found confidence in Everton this season.

Iwobi has been incredible for Everton this season, as he is one of their top performers. And he has come to say that he’s enjoying all the love showered on him.

According to him, it feels good to get recognized by the fans, but he tries to make sure that the praises he’s been getting don’t get to his head, as he’ll have to maintain balance now, being a fan favorite.

He further stated that all the love he’s been getting makes him feel unstoppable on the pitch, and even when he cannot utilize chances, the fans are still there to shower him with Love.

Iwobi further admitted that Everton is a nice place to be in, and with the place he’s in he feels that he has found his confidence, and he feels like a member of the Everton family, even though he knows he’s never going to develop their accent, he feels like part of them. And even if he leaves Everton, he is always going to feel like part of the club one way or the other.

“You almost feel unstoppable, almost like you can do anything on the pitch. Obviously, the place I’m in right now, I like to play forward and create chances- even if the chances don’t come off the fans will still acknowledge that you are trying.”

Iwobi added: “It’s a nice place to be in, every player wants the confidence to feel like they’re unbeatable and there’s nothing wrong they can do. I feel like it’s the best time and my most confident time at Everton, but I’ve got a long time to go- I’ve still got two years if anything happens from then.

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“I feel like I’m part of the Everton family. I’ve not got the Scouse accent yet, which I’ll never get! But I feel like I’m one of them.

“It’ll be weird if I ever come to an end of Everton, but I feel like I’ll always be a part of it one way or another so it’s nice to be here.”

Iwobi who joined Everton in 2019, for €28m has recorded one assist this season, in six games

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