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I struggled with depression – Omah Lay

I struggled with depression – Omah Lay

Popular Nigerian singer Stanley Omah, commonly known by his stage name Omah Lay, revealed details of his battle with depression during the recording of his album “Boy Alone”. The “bad influence” crooner revealed he battled emotionally and even considered taking his own life before the album was released.

In 2021, Omah announced his relationship with ex-girlfriend Gloria, and they did part not quite long after rumors of her cheating scandals. Omah Lay said his ex served him “breakfast,” Nigerian slang for heartbreak, which made him depressed.

He wrote: “I want to pour my heart out so much for this app. “Boy Alone” might be the last time you hear me cry over a song: “On G, I was dead as* down, insecure, scared, deprived, and lost my mind like”. I literally wanted to kill myself.

“People I looked up to stopped showing me love, I looked people in the eyes and saw doubt, disrespect, and hate. I lost myself, maybe I was just thinking too much, I don’t know.”

“My baby served me ‘breakfast’ at midnight. I wanted to go crazy.”

He said he gained the will to live after hearing his album, which made him realize he is one of the bigshot artists in Africa.

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“I felt like I lost it by the time I finished recording Boy Alone. I listened to myself and realized I’m one of the hardest fucking African musicians I’ve ever seen!!” he wrote.

Stanley Omah is a Nigerian songwriter, singer, and record producer. He burst into the spotlight in 2020 after his single “Bad Influence” gained popularity.

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