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Igbo man posing to be Army General Arrested

Igbo man posing to be Army General Arrested

One Nwokoro Gabriel, has been arrested by Lagos State Police Command Operatives for swindling a POS (point of sale) attendant.

Lagos State Police Command Commissioner, Hakeem Odumosu, announced this on Friday in a parade of the suspect to members of the public. 

Nwokoro Gabriel is alleged to have forged a fake bank alert after he had collected about N200k from the point of sale attendant. This incident took place in the popular suburb of Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria. 

Nwokoro Gabriel, went to the point of sale center around 3:50pm – according to one Obina Jude Eze, who also claimed that the suspect, Mr Nwokoro, approached the POS center to withdraw some money. 

A part of Obina Jude Eze’s statement to the police says the alleged suspect claimed to be a serving General in the Nigerian Army. He also made it known that he is a Commanding Officer, but didn’t say of what Division. 

As you’d have suspected, our Fake General, Mr. Nwokoro Gabriel was not alone on this “Mission Impossible” – he was accompanied by a man dressed in an army uniform – with the rank of a Corporal. 

According to Police Commissioner Hakeem Odumosu, the 2 suspect got to the scene of their mission in a Lexus SUV – Registration JJJ 510 EP. 

Commissioner, Hakeem Odumosu

He also stated that: “At the POS center, they withdrew N200k.”

But wait ooo… So all this wahala na for only N200k? Dem even arrange soldier uniform on top the mata. 

The police Commissioner continues: “Thereafter, the fake General gave one expired Access Bank ATM card, which the POS machine rejected.

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“Later, he posted a fake alert on his account and asked the driver to drive off.”

The Commissioner went further stating that: “Upon the receipt of the information, police operatives tracked down the vehicle owner at Sango Ota in Ogun State and later arrested the driver who led the police detectives to one hotel in Surulere, Lagos State, where the suspects were taking refuge.”

But nawa for naija peepo sha… Scammers everywhere. In going forward, the issue here would be – what will the Lagos State Police Command operatives do with this case? I am asking for obvious reasons. Nigerian police have done more to earn our distrust. The Command Commission can sharp his mouth all he wants, will this not become another case of police collecting bribe and letting another crime syndicate back into society to keep meting evil on innocent citizens? 

Your guess is as good as mine. 

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