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In preparation for the winter, British Gas’ owner reopens storage

In preparation for the winter, British Gas’ owner reopens storage

Centrica, the company that owns British Gas, has reopened its massive gas storage facility to increase the UK’s supply throughout the winter.

The energy company claimed that the location will make it possible to store “cheaper gas” for the winter and assist to “lower or stabilize expenses” for families.

The action was taken in response to warnings from the UK’s energy regulator that homes could experience three-hour power outages if gas supplies run low.

Reopening Rough, according to Centrica, “is not a panacea for energy security.”

“It is a critical part of several activities which may be implemented to aid the UK during winter,” it was noted, “but it is also.”

Because Russia has restricted imports, the crisis in Ukraine has raised concerns about the security of gas supplies across Europe.

Although Norway and the North Sea provide the majority of the UK’s gas needs, there are worries that supplies may run low as other nations race to find substitute sources

According to energy regulator Ofgem, there is a chance that the UK could experience a “gas supply emergency” as a result of the war.

Over the summer, EU nations went on a gas-buying binge that has nearly filled all of their storage tanks for the upcoming winter. With barely nine days’ worth, Centrica claimed that the UK has some of the lowest levels of gas storage in all of Europe.

Germany has 89 days’ worth of gas stored, France has 103 days, and the Netherlands has 123 days’ worth of gas stored.

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In the UK, gas-fired power plants produce 40% to 60% of the nation’s electricity.

British families could experience power outages of up to three hours at a time this winter, according to a warning from National Grid, but they characterized the possibility as “unlikely.”

The Rough gas field was closed in 2017 because the government wouldn’t fund it, but in May, ministers, and Centrica conducted negotiations to revive it.

and substantial engineering improvements were finished throughout the summer.

According to Centrica, the facility’s reactivation will result in a 50% boost in the UK’s gas storage capacity.

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