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Is Brittney Griner Guilty or Plain Stupid?

Is Brittney Griner Guilty or Plain Stupid?

Two Americans canned for cannabis

Griner canned In Russia

Lashawna canned In Atlanta

Griner a smokin’ celebrity

Lashawna a smokin’ nobody

As Griner’s clamor swell

So her freedom from her cell

Oh, Lashawna can go to hell

The president isn’t compelled

Griner and Lashawna got themselves apportion of heaven

Sweet smoke fills their lungs

Griner freedom is given

Lashawna can’t tag along

The President and Congress as well

They are both as guilty as hell

According to the defense expert who examined the vape cartridges in Brittney Griner’s trial, she did not comply with Russian law.

‘Russian Law’ – An important factor in this case. 

The question here is, is someone in the mold of a Brittney Griner needed to be told that smoking cannabis or having products of cannabis extracts is banned in a place like Russia?

Can anyone believe that Brittney Griner is not aware that cannabis is still an illegal substance in several States in America? Even as liberal as America is? 

What she did should be considered highly disrespectful to Russia and a total disregard for the laws of that country.

Is this not a part of why people in other parts of the world see Americans as spoiled and privileged?

Now she has put the American government in an awkward position just like those Americans who travel to hostile countries, fully mindful of the risk and they may eventually need to be rescued and evacuated.

Brittney Griner at the court in Russia

Couldn’t she have waited until she returned back to the United States to smoke her weed or used whatever cannabis product she had? Absolutely YES!! -There are hundreds of dispensaries in the United States. 

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think she should be jailed in Russia for possessing cannabis? No one should be put in jail anywhere in the world for cannabis. After all, It’s the healing of a nation, as Bob Marley puts it. 

To the United States government, it is absolutely unprincipled and unfair to demand for Brittney Griner’s release from Russia for the possession of cannabis – while thousands of Americans, including Lashawna right here in good ole Atlanta, languish in prison for the use of the very same substance. 

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What you are implying is that, Americans can go anywhere in the world including Russia, a Communist nation for that matter, and break the laws but Americans can’t do the same inside America – Isn’t that what you call bullsh**t?

Russia is right to call this ‘Megaphone diplomacy.’

Should Brittney Griner be freed immediately? Absolutely YES!! – But, if that should happen, every American incarcerated for the same use of cannabis, weed, Marijuana or whatever you want to call it— should be set free with alacrity. 

Brittney Griner arrives to a hearing at the Khimki Court. (Photo by Kirill KUDRYAVTSEV / AFP)

The United States government must also legalize marijuana – because they have indicated to the rest of the world with Brittney Griner’s case, that cannabis should have never been criminalized in the first place.

Dear NBA and WNBA, imagine for a moment that the American sitting in a Russian jail right now is not Brittney Griner, a famous basket baller – imagine she is just an ordinary American like Lashawna from Atlanta? Will you be in all our ears screaming like vuvuzela for her release?  

What is good for the goose like Griner, should be equally good for the gander like Lashawna.  

Two Americans canned for cannabis.
Griner canned In Russia.

Lashawna canned In Atlanta.

Griner a smokin’ celebrity.

Lashawna a smokin’ nobody.

Both pled guilty.

Both deserve to be free!

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  • Is that what is more important though?
    The important thing is to get her back so that she will be properly prosecuted in the US

  • wo, what is my business. You chew what you bite… or however that saying goes. Justice should be served last last

  • She doesn’t deserve to be free. The same punishment the other Americans are facing in their country, she needs to face it over there.

  • She doesn’t deserve this. What’s wrong with smoking, it’s her life and she has the right to live the way she desired? Some laws are just unnecessary.

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