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Is Policing Nigeria in 2022 Rocket Science?

Is Policing Nigeria in 2022 Rocket Science?

Without any reasonable doubt, I do not make light of the tasks entrusted to the Nigerian Police Force. However, I am just a concerned citizen who would not fold my hands and continue to watch lives being lost and destroyed as a result of insecurity challenges.

The truth is that a lot lies on the Nigerian Police Force and laxity on their part comes with severe consequences for any or every one of us. As a result, it is high time we ask these security agents some serious questions.

For the most part, this question is triggered by the unfortunate incident that happened in Owo town in Ondo state over 1 week ago. This is as a church – St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church; was attacked and no fewer than 40 people were said to have lost their lives. This is other than the many that were discovered to be severely injured as a result of the attack.

As of the time of writing this, no one has been brought to book as a suspect. The best we have gotten are terrorist organizations that have been suspected to be behind this gruesome act. Well, we need more than just that as a nation.

Is Amotekun More Effective than the Nigerian Police Force?

In this day and age, we need to be able to get reliable Intel before such deadly acts are perpetuated. Big thumbs up to the south-western regional security establishment – Amotekun; as they have demonstrated this recently.

Of late, this security establishment got Intel on the planned infiltration of the southwest by members of a terrorist group and acted swiftly. They set up barricades as explained by one of their top security officials and were able to apprehend one vehicle. Loads of dangerous weapons such as guns, ammunition, and deadly knives were recovered and suspects were apprehended.

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The truth is that the Nigerian Police Force needs to start acting in the same direction. Speaking about the force’s incompetence in handling the Owo massacre, a clergyman in Osogbo mentioned that the Force was supposed to quickly set up a parameter. This is so that the perpetrators would be unable to leave the community, increasing the chances of the perpetrators being apprehended.


The Nigerian Police Force needs to up their game. This is why they need to be better funded, well trained, and committed to protecting lives and property. This is their primary responsibility and they should be competent at it.

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