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Is Sleep Paralysis Spiritual Or Medical?

Is Sleep Paralysis Spiritual Or Medical?

Have you ever been in a situation where you are awake but you can’t move your hands or legs? If yes, you’re about to learn what it is, what causes it, how it can be treated, and if it’s a spiritual or a medical condition. If you haven’t experienced such, you’ll still learn about it anyway.

Sleep paralysis is a temporary inability to move or speak while asleep or upon waking up. According to some research conducted by the College of Medicine, the University of Ibadan, Over 1.5 million people suffer from sleep paralysis. It is said to be a neurological disorder(brain disorder) that happens to occur when you are half asleep, which means you are not deeply asleep. When such occur your muscles become immovable, the fear of such might make one struggle to move the muscles, but it doesn’t help, but being calm for a while can help you get out of it sooner.

Usually, while asleep or waking up, signals are sent by the brain to the muscles in the arms and legs making them relax, however, during sleep paralysis awareness is gained but the inability to speak or move closely accompanied by hallucinations, and you might feel the presence of another in the room, which usually results in fear. 

Several Nigerians believe it’s spiritual, in fact in Yoruba communities superstition has it that when a person has such an experience, it is due to the presence of a wall gecko in the house, which is pressing the person down or witches and wizards are after your life, and except you consult an IFA priest you’ll never be alright. But Medical experts have come out to debunk this, explaining that sleep paralysis is a medical condition and not spiritual.

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Sleep paralysis is said to be caused by stress, irregular sleeping pattern, family history as well as other medical conditions. Sleep paralysis is not physically harmful but can have a horrifying effect on a person’s emotions. As it is just a disruption of the normal psychological response during sleep. With a few changes to one’s sleeping pattern, you can stop experiencing it. Ensure you get enough rest, try and relieve stress, change your sleeping positions and be sure to see a doctor.

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