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June 12 protest holds across Nigeria

June 12 protest holds across Nigeria

Protesters have taken to the streets of major cities and parks in the country to express their grievances over the state of the nation.

Being a day usually aside to celebrate the nation’s democracy, this year’s turn of event is attributed to the manner in which things have taken a negative turn after incessant kidnappings and herdsmen killings and trampling on citizen’s fundamental right following the suspension of Twitter on the cyber space of the country amongst other things.

However, protesters were met with heavy security presence and restraint in major cities across Nigeria.

Helicopters have been seen hovering all over the place, while security operatives have been reportedly making a few arrest and tear gasing protesters.

In some part of Lagos, park operators have taking over security in some major parks and roads as they told peaceful protesters not to hinder vehicular movement and advise that the protest  be taken to Abuja

In some places, there are also pro government protesters who are backing the actions of the government and are calling for a more logical conduct to the present challenges.

Protests are relatively peaceful all across as at the time of filling this report with arrested protesters released immediately.

However, Abuja has recorded some form of violence on protest ground.

Stay glued to federal character for more update.

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