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Just Shoot Me, I did it

Just Shoot Me, I did it

Now this is a first for me. I have never heard anyone begging to be shot for their crimes – not begging to be arrested, which in itself would be unusual considering that people tend to claim innocence even when caught pants down in the middle of the act. 

This Connecticut man, Kamil Zielinski, did not only admit guilt, but also asked to be shot by deputies. 

The 28yrs old was taken into custody on Tuesday and charged with murder and risk of injury to a minor in the death of his 34yrs old wife, Grace Zielinski. 

According to Police, Kamil begged for death after murdering his wife with an ax in presence of their young kids. 

In the press release by the Ansonia Police Department, Kamil’s wife Grace, called 911 at about 1:40 PM on November 9th. In the 911 call, Grace did not directly address the dispatcher, but the dispatcher could hear “yelling and commotion in the background” of the open line, and accordingly Police officers were sent to the address where the call emanated from. As soon as the officers got to the scene, they found the front door of the house partially opened and they entered. The first thing they saw was the 3yr old son of the couple. 

“Come in, come in”, the kid said to officer Peter Lovermi. He pointed them to the kitchen where they could hear someone “crying and sobbing”.

It was a gruesome scene according to officers. As Kamil was seen standing over Grace, with blood covering his hands, face, and clothing. Grace on the other hand was “sitting on the ground and was covered in blood from a brutal assault”.

Although the police did not say the full extent of Grace’s injuries, but it is reported that “her index finger had been completely severed and she sustained some sort of serious trauma to the head”.

As they entered the kitchen, Kamil reportedly said, “Shoot me. Just shoot me. I did it.” He knelt immediately when Officer Lovermi attempted to cuff him and cried and said, “Kill me. Just kill me.”  

Officer Lovermi also radio dispatch Kamil saying, “I stabbed her in the chest too.”

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According to police report, officers found an axe and a curved knife on a table near the body, both of which were covered in blood. 

Grace was rushed to the Emergency Room at Yale New Haven Hospital where she was pronounced dead by doctors at about 3.06 PM. 

The couple’s 3yr old son and their infant child were reportedly inside the house during the killing. 

Kamil Zielinski was arraigned before Judge Peter Brown at Derby Superior Court who set his bond at one million dollars. He was also reportedly placed on suicide watch. 

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