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Kingpin smuggler from Eritrea detained in Sudan

Kingpin smuggler from Eritrea detained in Sudan

According to Interpol, a renowned people smuggler who is infamous for his aggressive and cruel treatment of refugees has been detained in Sudan.

Police in Ethiopia and the Netherlands were searching for Kidane Zekarias Habtemariam, a native of Eritrea.

The chief of a significant criminal organization responsible for the kidnapping, extortion, and murder of East African migrants was an Eritrean person, according to the international enforcement agency.

It stated that an international police effort led to the arrest.

This appears to be a significant victory in the fight against the vicious and unscrupulous traffickers who have killed so many people.

According to Interpol, Mr. Kidane is the leader of a criminal organization responsible for the exploitation of thousands of victims.

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After police in the United Arab Emirates focused on operations related to money laundering, they discovered him in Sudan and had him detained.

This, according to Interpol, dealt a serious blow to a major smuggling route into Europe. It claimed to have demonstrated what can be accomplished when nations collaborate.

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