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Kiss Controversy Erupts: FIFA Halts President Rubiales’ Reign Over Spanish Football Federation

Kiss Controversy Erupts: FIFA Halts President Rubiales’ Reign Over Spanish Football Federation

FIFA took a major step on Saturday by suspending Luis Rubiales, who is the president of Spain’s football federation. This action came about due to an incident where he kissed Jenni Hermoso, a player from Spain’s Women’s World Cup team, on the lips. FIFA’s statement mentioned that Rubiales has been temporarily banned from all football-related activities, both nationally and internationally. This suspension will be in effect for 90 days while they conduct disciplinary proceedings against him.

FIFA’s decision also includes a restriction on Rubiales and the Spanish football federation (RFEF) from making any contact with Jenni Hermoso and those associated with her. This move comes amidst an escalating dispute involving Rubiales, the RFEF, Hermoso, and her fellow teammates. This situation has cast a shadow over their recent World Cup victory in Australia.

Hermoso stated that Rubiales and the federation applied “continuous pressure” on her and her loved ones to appear alongside Rubiales in a video where he apologized for the kiss. However, she declined this request. Despite the controversy, Rubiales did not resign and the federation threatened legal action against Hermoso’s claims.

Hermoso firmly denied consenting to the kiss and asserted that she felt vulnerable and like a victim of assault. The RFEF countered her statement with a series of images on their website, attempting to support Rubiales’ version of events.

In response to this situation, Hermoso and 80 other players from Spain’s national team, including the entire World Cup-winning squad, declared a strike, refusing to play until a change in leadership occurs. The Spanish government also initiated a process that could lead to Rubiales’ suspension from his position.

Hermoso’s stance received support from players of the England team, the World Cup runners-up, who condemned the actions and criticized the organization. This event has sparked widespread solidarity among players, with many expressing their support for Hermoso and advocating for change in the leadership of Spanish football.

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The RFEF, in its statement, appeared to imply that players who choose not to participate in international matches are respected, but also emphasized the obligation of national team duty for all involved.

In the end, the controversy surrounding this issue became too overwhelming. Rubiales’ unprofessional behavior led to his suspension, leaving the future of Spain’s football federation uncertain.

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