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Korea dismisses Nigeria’s security threat as trade volume increases

Korea dismisses Nigeria’s security threat as trade volume increases

According to Kim Young-Chae, the ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Nigeria, there are no plans to scale back the country’s efforts there due to security concerns.

The Ambassador also suggested that the amount of trade between the two nations had increased by 20% in the past year, however, he hoped for more.

He revealed this yesterday in Abuja during a speech about the upcoming Korean Day celebration, which is set to begin on Monday of next week.

However, Young-chae stated that Republic citizens have been encouraged to exercise caution.

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He stated that there is no doubt that insecurity has harmed the Nigerian economy and the lives of the populace.

Young-chae said the Nigerian government did not ask for aid from Korea but asked Korean companies to invest in the country, particularly in manufacturing, where Koreans have excelled in recent decades. President Muhammadu Buhari visited the Republic of Korea, which he praised for doing so ten years after former President Goodluck Jonathan did the same in 2012.

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