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Lagos housewife packs narcotics in fetish bowls

Lagos housewife packs narcotics in fetish bowls

Not long ago, Nollywood actress Halima Abubakar condemned illegal drug use and advocated that anyone caught promoting drugs should be arrested. Opoola Mujidat, a 27-year-old lady, was arrested by NDLEA staff for hiding drugs in fetish bowls with “native black soap and a sponge” and planting it on two male passengers, Raji Kazeem and Akinbobola Onmoniyi, who was boarding a flight traveling to Oman on an Ethiopian airline on Monday 11th where they were found in possession of illegal drugs by NDLEA staff at the airport.

According to NDLEA spokesman Femi Babafemi, the two passengers immediately told the agents that Mujidat had given them the bags containing the drugs. She was arrested immediately as she was still nearby. She confessed that she had given them the bags, to give to her husband in Oman. Femi Babafemi said in a statement

“A search of her luggage revealed packets of Cannabis Sativa hidden in bowls with native black soap and a sponge packed in a groceries bag that Kazeem was carrying.”

“Mujidat, who is from Oyo East LGA in Oyo State, confessed during a preliminary interview that her grocery bag was filled with various items, including the black soap used to conceal the illegal substance,” the statement added.

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We hope this will serve as a deterrent to other drug dealers.

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