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Lagos PPRO Gives Reasons to Fazziyah Isiak’s Detention

Lagos PPRO Gives Reasons to Fazziyah Isiak’s Detention

The Police spokesperson for Lagos State, Benjamin Hundeyin has debunked Faazziyah Isiak’s claims of being unlawfully detained, and given the full details of what happened in a statement.

According to Hundeyin, in the police force, an officer isn’t formally discharged until a discharge certificate is issued to them, and until then, the officer remains bound to all the rules and regulations of the force.

Hundeyin had tweeted:

Corporal Fauzziyah Isiak, who serves in the office of the Imam of the Command, without leave, permission or discharge from service, absconded from her duty post for over a month, in blatant disregard for the conditions of service she willingly signed to.

“For this offence against discipline, she was detained yesterday for the commencement of her orderly room trial today.

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Recall that on Thursday morning, May 24, female police officer, Fazziyah Isiak, had called out the Nigerian Police Force on Twitter for ‘unlawfully’ detaining her after failing to approve the resignation letter she had tendered severally in 2022.

It is important to note that, every organization has rules and regulations which should be duly followed as disobedience attracts punishment.

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