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Lagos State Government Apologizes for the Recent Flash Floods in the State

Lagos State Government Apologizes for the Recent Flash Floods in the State

The Lagos State government has come out to apologize to residents in the state over heavy flash flooding, experienced in various parts of the state for the past few days, including Oko-Oba, and Agege.

This is coming after flash floods were seen carrying a car at Oke Oba, Agege area of Lagos, Nigeria on Saturday. This unfortunate incident came after a heavy early morning rainfall which led to heavy flooding in the locality. In a signed statement issued by the Commissioner for Environment and Water Resources, Tunji Bello, residents were asked to be vigilant and careful.

An eyewitness confessed that the flood carried two vehicles with occupants still in the vehicles. It was also revealed that the two vehicles each had three occupants on board at the time of the incident. 

Recall that in April, the Lagos State government had warned residents to be vigilant about the heavy rains that would reach levels of 1,750mm in 2022.

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After the incident, the government reported that the flash flooding in some areas, like in old Oko-Oba Road, experienced was a consequence of the more than 10-hour- of rainfall that overflowed the Oko-Oba Canal Channel that was currently undergoing expansion. 

Bello also cautioned motorists and residents to exercise caution while passing through the flooded areas during the rainy season because of its danger. Also, Bello disclosed that since the state was a coastal one, it would experience flooding during a heavy downpour, especially in cases of heavy downpour which occurred in the last 36 hours. He additionally appealed to Lagosians to remain cautious as the heavy rains were likely to continue until the end of August.

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