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Learning how to communicate effectively in relationships

Learning how to communicate effectively in relationships

Communication is simply an exchange of feelings, facts or information. 

One of the major causes of issues in relationships and marriages is communication or the lack of it. 

 I’ve definitely heard a lot of women complain about their men not talking to them. Women talk more fluently and process things faster than men, and sometimes men can’t keep up with that speed and they just back down. While you’re expecting the man to be talking, he’s actually thinking about the situation .This of course, leads to impatience on the part of the woman, and a reaction which may lead to him withdrawing even further. 

If you are having problems with communicating now, don’t plan on dating and even getting married till you develop an interest and sharpen your communication skills because what couples in marriage do is that they talk.  You’re expected to communicate when you get married, hence, the other person wouldn’t feel heard and wouldn’t feel loved and automatically that would spell doom for your marriage. 

Communication is giving your partner the freedom to disagree with you completely without you getting angry or sulking for a week and not talking to your partner. 

Communication happens when both partners sincerely tell each other who they are, what they feel about each other, how they think, what you like and dislike, what you fear, crave for, believe in, and are committed to without being afraid of a protracted argument. 

If you don’t know how to listen emphatically, you don’t know how to communicate. 

If your opinion happens to be Alpha and omega, you don’t know how to communicate. 

If you always shout and raise your voice to state your point, you don’t know how to communicate. 

If you don’t let your partner to air out her opinion, you don’t know how to communicate.

If you must always have the last word, you’re obviously a dictator and not a communicator. 

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Some months back News of Kim kardashian and Kanye West splitting struck the internet, many wondered what happened between both because they looked so much like a perfect couple. It was until later on that Kim came out to  reveal that they have communication problems, and as such hardly even communicate. 

So we see that from the foregoing that acquiring communication skills and communicating properly is the life blood of every relationship and marriage. 

If you are ready to improve your communication technique with your partner, here are some meaningful steps you can adopt :

  1. Set aside a 30 minutes period when you both get back from work or  back from church, in the car or a lonely place where there would be no distractions, no TV , no kids, no phones etc and Just talk about everything significant that happened in your lives that day. 
  2. Fix monthly date nights regularly into your schedule. 
  3. Take a walk together and talk usually after dinner. 
  4. Plan a weekend getaway twice or three times a year just for you two. 

Applying all these techniques would help to keep love alive through communication in the marriage relationship.

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