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Mali Blames France for Aggression

Mali Blames France for Aggression

Mali had yesterday, October 19, charged its former colonial masters, the Republic of France, of carrying out acts of aggression aimed at destabilizing the troubled country.

The Malian Foreign Affairs Minister, Abdoulaye Diop, who was a speaker at the United Nations Security Council meeting held at The Hague, had affirmed earlier allegations by the military government in August where it said that French aircraft had invaded the country’s airspace.

The military junta claimed that France was giving materials to criminal groups destabilizing the civilian population.

A special Security Council meeting had been organized by Diop. to shed more light on the evidence concerning the illegal acts, acts of espionage, and acts of destabilization France had waged against Mali.

Meanwhile, France’s Ambassador to the UN, Nicolas De Riviere, had quickly dismissed the accusations, describing them as mendacious and defamatory.

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According to Riviere, France had never violated Malian airspace at any given time.

The envoy also added that he wanted “to re-establish the truth after the mendacious accusations and defamatory accusations from the Malian transitional government.”

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