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Man rescued from the mountains after being trapped for 17 days in China

Man rescued from the mountains after being trapped for 17 days in China

After a 17-day search following an earthquake in southwest China, a man was found alive in the mountains.

On September 5, a 6.6-magnitude earthquake that struck Sichuan province killed 93 people and injured over 400 others.

At the hydropower plant where he was working, Gan Yu stayed behind to assist others, but after losing his glasses, he had difficulty navigating the difficult terrain to get away.

He was discovered on Wednesday, still alive but hurt.

On September 5, Mr. Gan and his coworker Luo Yong remained on-site at the Wandong hydropower facility to provide first aid to hurt coworkers and assist in preventing flooding by releasing water from a dam.

They attempted to flee after traveling for around 20 kilometers (12 miles) via the nearby highlands.

But Mr. Gan, who is quite nearsighted and lost his spectacles in the earthquake, found it difficult to maneuver the terrain, according to state-run China National Radio (CNR).

While rescuers were looking for survivors, the two guys made an unsuccessful attempt to signal for assistance.

According to Mr. Luo, “We undressed, hung them from tree branches, and waved them around.”

Mr. Luo eventually left to hunt for assistance, leaving Mr. Gan alone with a makeshift bed made of moss and bamboo leaves, some wild fruit, and bamboo shoots to eat.

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On September 8, Mr. Luo was located after using fire to draw rescuers’ attention. However, Mr. Gan had left the location by the time his old companion’s shelter was discovered three days later.

He may have perished from hypothermia, according to rescuers who only found abandoned clothing.

Using his local expertise, a farmer who lives close to the factory joined the search this week. After some while, he heard Mr. Gan crying and discovered him hiding among some trees.

Later, rescuers arrived on the site and flew Mr. Gan to a medical facility where he received treatment for his damaged bones.

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