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Messi Deserves a Second Chance at Barca- Xavi

Messi Deserves a Second Chance at Barca- Xavi

Not quite long, Barcelona head coach Xavi Hernadez, announced that Barca does not need Messi for now, as they currently have a competent squad, he even debunked the rumors of Messi returning to Barca now, as his contract with PSG is yet to expire.

Xavi Hernadez has now revealed that if given the opportunity, he would love to have Messi back in Barca, this statement he made ahead of their preseason-friendly game with NY Red bulls on Sunday.

“I wish Messi’s time at Barcelona not to have ended. I think he deserves a second stage here at FCB. I wish so,” Xavi was quoted by Fabrizio Romano as saying.

“If the question is whether I would like him to come back? The answer is a resounding yes!”

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If we can recall, Messi signed a two-year deal with PSG after his contract with Barcelona ended. As it seems if Messi’s contract with PSG ends there’s every possibility he might be returning to Barca next year. Since Barca’s head coach and the boss want him back. It’s even the desire of Joan Laporta that Messi ends his career at Barcelona.

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