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“My Village People” movie review

“My Village People” movie review

When Bovi said “My Village People” he meant it.

The movie tells us the story of a man who visits his village for his sister’s wedding. He was advised not to touch or hug anyone  but he disobeyed and that was the beginning of his problems

Mermaid, witches, wizards, spiritual and terrestrial beings were represented fully.  The movie is a HORROR-COMEDY movie. At first, I thought it would be like one of those typical Nollywood movies with  zero plots and weak myth. But Alas! It was a good one with an amazing storyline and the execution was on point.

Watch a short teaser of the movie here

If you are familiar with Nollywood movies about witches and wizards, you’d think this movie will not be different, but in this case, the witches and wizards did not look haggard and wretched. Their outfits looks like what you’d expect in the 21st century.

The movie further shows that we live in a world where your colleagues and friends (beard and bone straight fine girls gang) can also be a spiritual being or have spiritual problems.

The cast, acting and effects were executed properly, starting from Bovi himself to Sophie and all others. It was the perfect opportunity for Sophie to show the movie world how much she has grown as an actress, and it also shows that she is ready for more challenging roles. It was also good to see the old Nollywood stars work with new generation actors. Truly, everyone deserves accolades.

Talking about the final part of the movie, I wondered how they will end the movie and also hoping they won’t go cliche and say that it was a dream. They introduced a wonderful twist and it was a befitting ending.


“My Village People” teaches us to be more careful about the things we say and promises we make no matter how harmless they seem. You might be joking, but someone somewhere is taking note of your words. 

I highly recommend that you go see it if you haven’t.

Thank you.

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