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NBBF 2021 Elections: Electoral Committee insists on October 30th polls

NBBF 2021 Elections: Electoral Committee insists on October 30th polls

The Electoral Committee of the Nigeria Basketball Federation (NBBF) 2021 has stated that the elections would take place as planned on Saturday, October 30th in the ancient city of Benin.

The Dr Lanre Glover-led committee is unaware of any changes since the Ministry’s announcement on September 30th, which acknowledged the supremacy of the 2019 NBBF Constitution as “the foundation of the next elections and the resolution of any conflict that may arise from it,” as well as the Congress’ power.

Dr. Lanre Glover

The committee stated that it was unaware of any constitutional changes between then and today that might justify or justify a change in election procedures.

It insisted that a validly constituted Congress of the Federation established the Electoral Committee and therefore, it is only the Congress that has powers over it.

To this aim, the Electoral Committee of the International Handball Federation, chaired by the former chairman, determined at its meeting on the 26th of October that the elections will proceed as planned.

They will hold the NBBF election on the 30th of October, 2021, as the NBBF Congress has mandated.

NBBF announces the election

The Nigeria Olympic Committee and the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development, according to a letter issued by Dr. S. E. Ebhojiaye, Director of the Federation of Elite Athletes Department, can only oversee and not organize the elections.

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The NOC and FMYSD will be observers alongside FIBA, with the NBBF constitution ruling supreme, according to the letter, which was clearly proclaimed to override any previous declaration or attitude of the Ministry on the topic.

Due to the misunderstanding caused by the ministry’s notification, the deadline for nominations has been extended to noon on October 29, 2021.

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