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Okada Rider Gets 50,000 For returning Missing phone

Okada Rider Gets 50,000 For returning Missing phone

We currently live in a world where things of value that are misplaced are never found. But to every vice, there are always exceptions. Tosin Adedokun A resident of Oyo State who picked up and returned a cellphone misplaced by a certain SiyanBola Akinkumi was rewarded with a sum of 50,000 for being an honest and righteous man. But to our great surprise, he refused.

In an interview with Adedokun, who is 28, he specifically asked the phone’s owner to pray for him rather than rewarding him with cash. But the phone’s owner, keen to give him the money, trailed him to his church, where his pastor advised him to take the money.

He said: “When I returned the phone that day he tried to give me something but I refused and asked him to just pray for me. He was surprised that he gave me something and I refused. Before I got home, he wrote a Facebook post about my act and asked the public to raise funds for me because of my honest act.”

“The following Sunday he called me and asked if I would be at church and I said yes. He came to my church and asked me.

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“He spoke to the pastor of my church and handed me a cash payment of N50,000. I was so surprised because I didn’t expect what he did that day.”

It’s a matter of pride to have men who are still honest in this country. May God bless him for his honest deed

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