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Over 200 Eritrean Opposition Supporters Are Apprehended In Stuttgart

Over 200 Eritrean Opposition Supporters Are Apprehended In Stuttgart

About 228 Eritrean opposition supporters have been apprehended in Germany after an encounter with police officials.

Trouble had begun as an Eritrean cultural festival was scheduled to begin in the city of Stuttgart on Saturday.

The festival was planned by the supporters of the Eritrean regime loyal to Isaias Afwerki, the Eritrean President.

The statement released by the deputy police commissioner, Carsten Hoefler, had added that police officers were reportedly attacked with bats, nails, metal rods, bottles and stones.

Six officers have been admitted to a hospital, while 228 people were nabbed. 

The violence has since been condemned by authorities in the city.

This recent chaos is coming on the heels of similar recent demonstrations. As Eritrea is celebrating it’s 30 years of independence from Ethiopia, festivals have been held by members of its diaspora in recent months, but a lot of them have ended in conflict. 

Eritrea, has been touted to be one of the poorest countries in Africa and is a one-party state with a oppressive and highly-militarized society.

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It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of Eritreans have fled the country. 

Earlier this month, the Israeli president Benjamin Netanyahu. revealed plans to deport Eritrean refugees involved in the Tel Aviv riots.

Just last month, a 3-day planned Eritrean cultural festival in Toronto, Canada, was dismissed after supporters and the opposition of the present Eritrean regime clashed.

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