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Owo Massacre: Another victim dies in hospital

Owo Massacre: Another victim dies in hospital

 June 5, 2022, was marked as Black Sunday when some terrorists, the popular unidentified gunmen, attacked the Saint Louis Catholic Church in Owo, killing many people. It was estimated that as many as 40 people died in the incident.

Bamidele Ademola, the State Commissioner for Information and orientation, made a shocking revelation that one of the victims of the attack, who received medical attention, has died. She announced while speaking to a newscaster in Akure shortly after Wednesday’s State Council meeting.

She said: “An additional death has been recorded as a result of the June 5 (2022) terrorist attack at St. Francis Catholic Church in Owo.”

According to her, 41 people died in the incident, and 17 people are still being treated medically.

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The minister then offered her condolences to the deceased families and prayed for those whose loved ones are still receiving medical treatment in hospital for their speedy recovery. Then she noted that the government’s plan to build a memorial to those who died is still very much on.

It is quite unfortunate that a country devours its citizens. We pray that Nigeria will not happen to us in our daily activities.

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