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Passenger Plane in South Korea Lands Safely After Door Opens Mid-flight

Passenger Plane in South Korea Lands Safely After Door Opens Mid-flight

In a concerning incident, a passenger on an Asiana Airlines flight managed to open a door while the plane was in the air, but the aircraft landed safely at a South Korean airport on Friday, May 26, as confirmed by the airline and government officials.

According to the Transport Ministry, several passengers onboard the aircraft attempted to prevent the individual from opening the door, although their efforts were only partially successful as the door was eventually opened to some extent.

The flight, carrying 194 people, was en route from the southern island of Jeju to the southeastern city of Daegu. Typically, the flight time is approximately one hour, but it remains undisclosed how long the door remained open.

Authorities have detained the yet-to-be identified person responsible for opening the door, as reported by the airline. At present, the motive behind this action remains unknown.

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Among the passengers were teenage athletes who were traveling to Ulsan, another southeastern city, to participate in track and field competitions.

The incident understandably caused panic among some passengers, but fortunately, no injuries were reported. However, as a precautionary measure, some passengers were assessed at a nearby hospital, according to statements from Asiana Airlines and Transport Ministry officials.

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