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Peter Obi Supporters take to the streets to show solidarity.

Peter Obi Supporters take to the streets to show solidarity.

Peter Obi has managed to gather tremendous support from many people and they have shown their support on Saturday, 21st of May, 2022 on the streets of Nigeria. 

People in their numbers had organized a march for Peter Obi in almost all the 36 states of Nigeria. The march was held not only to make people aware of Peter Obi as a candidate of PDP for the presidency but also to sensitize people on the upcoming elections, urging every qualified citizen to get their voters card and get ready to vote in the 2023 elections. 

Oppositions who had claimed that Peter Obi’s supporters were only online warriors have now been proven otherwise that the support behind him was purely organic and not only on the internet. The supporters have also held the march to persuade the delegates of PDP to select Peter Obi as the presidential candidate. 

Peter Obi is contesting with the likes of Atiku and Wike for that position and his supporters hope that he would win the ticket to fly the party’s flag in this election. 

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The PDP presidential primaries would be held on the 28th and 29th of May.

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