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Political Support Groups: the new trend that has come to stay

Political Support Groups: the new trend that has come to stay

There is this trend that seems to have come to stay in our political space, and if one looks at the big picture critically then you realize that it’s in almost all the sector of our society. They are called support groups or let’s say political support group as the case may be.

  Recently, some states were filled with campaign posters seeking support for the presidency of the incumbent Vice President Yemi Osibajo. Numerous groups are also pro Tinubu or pro Atiku, and recently social media platforms were flooded with electronic posters of Fashola and Zulum presidential candidacy.

  Even the minister for Niger Delta Affairs, Senator Godswill Akpabio has distanced himself too from the activities of some groups calling for his candidacy.

   The irony of most of these pressure group activities is that they are most times debunked by the party or individual who is the prime protagonist

   One then would ask, who is bankrolling these groups?

   There is a saying in this parlance, “that there is no smoke without fire”.

   The way and manner our so called political leaders and actors disassociate themselves from their alleged support groups needs to be investigated.

   What are they really scared of? If you want to run for a political post why not come out plain to the public place? To me it just proves there is a superior cabal or group of individuals who dictate the game in our political space.

  The activities of these support group is just a way of registering one’s interest through the back door.

   One thing I’m still pondering on is the amount spent to fund these groups. We all know this is Nigeria, and for every mobilization there must be money for demobilization

   It’s not even campaign period and only God knows how much has been spent to oil and fund the support groups. What is the motive behind this support group leaders?

  If we are really serious about fighting corruption, this is something we really need to focus our search light on, we can’t continue to go round the corruption peg.

  Definitely, there are more support groups that will spring up as 2023 draws near, and this is just the political support groups. There are other numerous groups that spring up immediately there is a situation, happenings or a vacuum.

  Well, support group itself are good political tools for both parties, both the ruling party and the opposition, but the big question is: “From whose expense?”

Deep down, I hope it’s not the tax payers money, but you definitely know the answer.

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