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Sunday Igboho and Nnamdi Kanu’s arrest: Is the North immune to arrest or above the law?

Sunday Igboho and Nnamdi Kanu’s arrest: Is the North immune to arrest or above the law?

News of Sunday Igboho arrest has littered the News wave since Monday, with the Yoruba Nation Agitator expected to be repatriated to Nigeria this week. It’s also no longer news that Nnamdi Kanu the IPOB leader has also been arrested. Both arrest were made outside the country, and it only shows the government has the means to get things done if it’s their priority.

Personally, I still find it puzzling thing that Sheik Gumi is still in Nigeria and making negotiations on behalf of bandits. By the way, the activities of bandits has taken another drastic dimension. It was gathered that Sheik Gumi once hinted bandits, and they now have the capacity to target and shoot aircrafts. It is therefore not surprising that a military fighter jet was shot down recently, with the military pilot surviving the crash.

When will the Nigerian government stop this act of shielding criminal elements in a particular region and targeting others in another region?

Bandits have killed people, destroyed facilities and properties, kidnapping school children and students but they have a recognized spokesperson and a negotiator with the Federal Government.

Sheik Gunmi, negotiating with bandits leader

Reports of Boko Haram terrorist being released and reintegrated into the society is still a decision I’m yet to come to terms with. 

According to the Department of State Services, Sunday Adeyemo’s  crimes are  illegal possession of arms and arms stockpiling, an offense punishable by law of the land.

The speed to clip Igboho’s feather was met with different reactions by the populace, but left one question on everyone’s lips: 

“When will Sheik Gumi be invited for questioning? When will Miyetti Allah be arrested for their careless utterances?”

 Infact, some of the groups publicly take credit for some of these attack. 

No doubt we are one Nigeria, but with saint North and other sinner geopolitical zone.

A nation where one region is free from checks and balances while the others are met stringently with full force of the law. The constitution is more powerful when it’s in action in some parts of the country and less effective in others.

Igboho and Nnamdi Kanu’s arrest has shown that the Nigerian government will act if pushed to act, but not when it’s a particular region.

Let us kindly remind ourselves that no Nigerian is more Nigerian than any other Nigerian. 

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