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Super cop Abba Kyari indicted in bribery scandal

Super cop Abba Kyari indicted in bribery scandal

On Thursday, an arrest warrant was issued for Abba Kyari, a deputy commissioner of police by a US court alleging his involvement in a fraud case involving Ramon Abbas (Hushpuppi).

According to the documents unsealed in the US earlier this week, Hushpuppi and his syndicate were fingered for defrauding a Qatari business man to the tune of $1M.

The documents released revealed that Hushpuppi contacted Mr Kyari to arrest and jail one Chibuzo Vincent. Hushpuppi then proceeded to make payment to Mr Kyari, after the deputy police commissioner sent pictorial proof of arrest.

Kyari has denied the allegations claiming Hushpuppi sent him money to give to his tailor for some local attires.

One then begins to wonder when the Police force unit began to run a fashion outfit or a courier service, because according to our seasoned investigator and crime buster, Abbas Ramoni paid him N300,000 for local fabrics, which he later sent someone to pick it up at the force headquarters.

“Super cop” Abba Kyari

This revelation made by the United States has further revealed the deep rot in our police sector, and it goes to show that with the right amount and some calls you can lock up anyone at your own behest.

Mr Kyari did say Vincent was arrested because Hushpuppi claimed he (Vincent) had seriously threatened to attack his family in Nigeria. He said Vincent was actually released on bail after no threats were discovered.

Needless to say, Mr Kyari’s defense of our Gucci master sending him money for local fabrics is lame; our super cop should know better

A deputy commissioner in the force shouldn’t be seen romanticizing with a known fraudster. This is the right time for a comprehensive police reform; this indictment on Mr Kyari is one that shouldn’t be swept under the carpet.

The world is watching, but who cares? This is Nigeria.

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