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Taiwan’s economy minister will address “concerns” at US visit

Taiwan’s economy minister will address “concerns” at US visit

To address what her office referred to as “concerns” about supply chains and geopolitical issues, Taiwan’s Economy Minister Wang Mei-Hua will travel to the United States the following week. She will also stop by American tech companies that are significant clients of Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturers.

Supply chain management has become more of a priority for governments all over the world as a result of a global scarcity of semiconductors, which has put chip giant Taiwan in the limelight.

The United States is concerned that Taiwan is overly dependent on the island due to its status as a key chip maker, particularly at a time when China is stepping up military exercises to bolster its territorial claims.

To encourage more regular exchanges with the United States and collaborate on international economic possibilities, Wang’s ministry said on Friday that she will depart on Sunday for a week-long trip.

According to a statement, she will also travel “to address the sides’ concerns on current supply chain resilience and geopolitical challenges through interaction and exchanges on the U.S. side.”

According to the ministry, Wang will meet with American businesses and chambers of commerce to discuss methods to improve supply chain collaboration.

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She will also stop by large corporations with Silicon Valley headquarters that are intimately linked to Taiwan’s semiconductor supply chain to communicate, continue to draw in investment, and strengthen Taiwan’s supply chain security and resilience.

She would be in Washington, D.C., from October 12 to 14, but the ministry did not specify which businesses she would visit or which American politicians she could meet.

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