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Terrorists abduct Ango Abdullahi’s in-law and other people in Kaduna

Terrorists abduct Ango Abdullahi’s in-law and other people in Kaduna

On Tuesday night, a huge group of terrorists attacked Yakwada village in Kaduna State’s Giwa Local Government Area and abducted several people, including Prof. Ango Abdullahi’s daughter-in-law, her four children, and other family members.

According to information obtained, the terrorists also killed a patrol guard while kidnapping several other people.

Ramatu Samsila, the daughter-in-law, is wed to Alhaji Rilwan Saudu, the village chief of Yakawada and the son of Abdullahi, a former vice chancellor of the Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, Kaduna State. According to an informant, the thugs also kidnapped some of the Village Head’s neighbors.

The informant, who begged for anonymity, claimed that the terrorists, who entered with high-tech weapons, abducted two of the neighbors’ wives who are nursing infants. During the operation, which lasted several hours, they also assassinated a security guard who was in the vicinity. There were also injuries among some locals. He added that they ought to be receiving care at the Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital.

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More than nine locals were taken by the terror gang. One of the professor’s kids was just released after being one of the passengers on the March train from Abuja to Kaduna who were kidnapped. Not too long after, his oldest son, Isah, passed away, leaving behind his daughter-in-law and kids. This is not the first time that bandits have taken Prof.’s family members hostage. They once took his cousin’s uncle hostage.

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