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The Chrisland Schools Sex Incident: A Microcosm of a Nigerian Epidemic

The Chrisland Schools Sex Incident: A Microcosm of a Nigerian Epidemic

Nigeria’s harmattan of moral decay is blowing like a wind, ripping the lips off every single Nigerian value and beating the whole country with its cold wind.

On so many levels, the depravity is profound. Ironically, the family, which is the foundation of life, has also become a hotbed of decadence. Many children are raised without any moral moorings, with instability rolling through many households and many parents battling with a lack of moral authority themselves. False religion offers no comfort.

When children start school, which is usually their first point of contact with the outside world, the confluence of many people from many different backgrounds poses a formidable challenge, and innocence quickly gives way to conflicts that threaten students, teachers, and schools, mercilessly mocking the alternate reality of education as a force for morality.

Following the revelation that Chrisland School had suspended a 10-year-old female student for participating in a Dubai truth-or-dare game, which further metamorphosed into a sexual encounter.

Recall that pupils from the prestigious school traveled to Dubai in March to compete in the World School Games, which took place between March 10 and March 13, 2022.

As a result, the Lagos State Government has ordered that all Chrisland Schools be closed indefinitely.

The Big Picture

In Nigeria, there is a stifling stink of decay everywhere. In certain sections of the nation, primary school students are increasingly aware of how to organize and join cult organizations. Fighting breaks out often at the conclusion of each school day in several Nigerian secondary schools, with aggressive adolescent cultists leaving scared instructors unable to maintain the strict discipline without which education is a hollow shell with no soul or substance.

Many young people are no longer in school. They form a large pool of conscripts for terrorism and economic crimes like banditry and computer fraud, together with the young people trapped in Nigeria’s desert of economic, social, and political instability.

A nation concerned about its future should be very concerned.

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