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The curious case of Adams Oshiomhole and his possible next move

The curious case of Adams Oshiomhole and his possible next move

In light of the legal issues surrounding the Buni-led caretaker committee, Oshiomhole’s political career is virtually likely to be revived by doing other things in the years ahead. Adams Oshiomhole has been mostly absent from the party’s political activities, both at the state and national levels, since his ouster as party chairman and the party’s loss in the Edo gubernatorial election.

However, the political maestro is expected to return to active politics in the run-up to the 2023 elections. The issue remains, though, as to what Oshiomhole will most likely do next. These two things, among others, seem to be highly probable:

1. Oshiomhole is expected to switch from the APC to another party in 2023 to achieve his political goals.

Despite the fact that Oshiomhole acknowledged the APC leadership’s decision to dethrone him as party chairman, there has been no apparent ploy to resolve the differences between the former chairman and all those who oppose him inside the party. It’s also conceivable that Oshiomhole’s position and significance inside the party have been relegated to the outside, and that he won’t have a future within APC. As a result, he may quit the party in the future to pursue his political goals. Currently, the opposition PDP seems to be the most probable destination.

2. He may seek for a political position in the 2023 general elections.

To increase his political significance in the country, Oshiomhole is likely to seek for a political post in the general election. Contesting for a political post seems to be one of the simplest ways for the former governor to restart his political career following the setbacks that came with his ouster as chairman and the inability of the APC to win Edo state in the 2020 election. Is the former national chairman, however, still capable of winning an election, particularly at the national level?

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