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The night D’lyte broke the Houston jinx

The night D’lyte broke the Houston jinx

This is a recap. A recap of the night that led to Stella D’lyte asking ‘What… did I just do??’. 

“You killed it, mama. You’ve broken ‘The Houston Jinx’,” yelled the instrumentalist closest to her. She could tell he was ecstatic like everyone else. She turned and looked at the saxophonist who was under a different kind of anointing. The entire band was so different – different from all the rehearsals they’ve had.

I sat at a vantage spot bumping to the vibes. Not too far to the back – but close enough to the front to read the lips of the instrumentalists as they communicated to each other. The sound was heavy. The talking drummer most especially made my head swell the way he rolled in and out – blending with the rest of the music. 

Every one of the six people seated at the table in front of me had their phones up taking pictures. Then suddenly as if on cue, everyone in the hall began reaching into their bags and pockets for their phones. It was at this point I knew the internet was going to start buzzing soon. And as I thought, it wasn’t even a minute before pictures from the event began pouring all over Instagram and Facebook. 

I shuffled from Instagram to Facebook and knew hands-down that the winner of this year’s Houston, is Stella D’lyte. 

Her performance of the night inspired as many Instagram posts per minute as Beyoncé’s performance at the Super-bowl.

The band was up to it. The rendition of the national anthem made me proud to be an American. 

And the all energetic D’lyte-ful one herself, held it down – striding from one end of the hall to the other like a titan, clinching to her status as Houston’s new music megastar. 

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This is a new Houston – one that Stella D’lyte is molding in her own image and likeness. Before now, Houston has only invested in “Parapo” and “Tungba” shows – That Houston is no more. It is born anew – and If this rebirth is replicated every last Sunday of the month as D’lyte is planning, and appropriately so, then we should all raise our glasses to a future of showbiz flawlessness that only D’lyte-tha-diva can bring.    

Below are photos of some of the beautiful faces from last week’s “Hang Out with D’lyte”. 

Dr Sola Adeoye, aka The Lion, opened the show with blessings from above and also accompanied by his beautiful wife. Shina Ayo Oyinlola, One of Houston’s finest Host and nollywood actor and friends
Desola, Nike and friends. Some of Houston big girls
Annette dancer
Stella Ebegbune aka D’lyte and Cynthia Ukomadu a Nurse practitioner
Akinloye Laide, CEO of MOMMIESPLANET and Joseph Faduri aka Fadojoe, Award-winning Nollywood actor and CEO F Planet Entertainment
Mc Hugobros one of Houston’s finest event host an d comedian
D’lyte and her instrumentalist, Femi Hocqysax and Jide Ojo talking drummer
Alice Austine performing artist
Taecia Jones

Dj mixmaster Brown

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