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The Reason Why Haaland Choose Man City over Real Madrid.

The Reason Why Haaland Choose Man City over Real Madrid.

Haaland was the most wanted player in the transfer market, as all the prominent clubs wanted to buy the Norwegian player, it later turned into a competition between three big clubs, Barcelona, Manchester City, and Real Madrid. Man City eventually won as Haaland signed a five-year deal with man city after paying €60m to Borussia Dortmund for Haaland.

Many fans were wondering why Haaland picked man city over Real Madrid. Alt Inge, Haaland’s father has disclosed the reason why his son chose man City.

According to him, in an interview, the major criteria was that Haaland wanted to play number nine and man city was very willing to offer him number nine. Real Madrid might have ended up offering him number five or six as Benzema occupied number nine.

” The Choice’ documentary for ViaPlay, “We had established a first criterion which was: ‘who needs a No. 9?’ Manchester City had 10/10 at this level, it was the perfect option.”

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“Real, we gave him more of a 5 or a 6 out of 10 because that is the way Karim Benzema currently plays. And we wondered if they were also going to sign Mbappe.”

Haaland has become an unstoppable Force for Manchester City as he already has nine goals to his name in five league appearances this season

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