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The Struggle with Low Self-esteem Among Ladies

The Struggle with Low Self-esteem Among Ladies

Men and women have self-esteem.  This crucial identity issue of self-validation automatically determines how happy or sad we are about ourselves. It can either be high or low self-esteem.  But the focus of this article is to undercover why women battle with low self-esteem the most.

A female child growing up has already been introduced to TV, reading magazines and novels, and watching movies and music videos from the entertainment industry that give the sense of how beauty is and how it should be maintained. In today’s entertainment world, beauty for girls is considered as being slim, fair, and tall and thereby, imbibing the notion that they have to be that way to be loved by a guy.  I mean everything a female child watches while growing up from cartoons to movies and modeling all have their idols as slim and tall with a certain kind of hair, butt size, breast size, clothes, makeup, etc. 

popular disney princesses depicting an idealized look

They’ve all absorbed this in, and for those who are not a template of what they’ve grown to see on TV and in their environment, that low self-esteem evaluation becomes their lot.  They grow to feel inferior to others and try as much as possible to compete with them because they think they need to be the picture of what they see on TV and their environment to be attractive enough to command the attention and affection of the opposite sex.  

Inadvertently,  many girls, currently undergoing surgeries to enlarge their butt and boos, exercising in gym houses, and consuming slim tea and other beauty products are just trying a bit to fix their low self-esteem issues. Now it’s good if you exercise for health purposes but not because of an ulterior motive of trying to fight inferiority complex. 

 So from the look of things, a woman with low self-esteem does not feel good about herself because she has absorbed and cultivated negative information about women from other cultures, environments, media, and other relationships. 

Women who were also abused as kids have the most fragile sense of identity and self-worth. Weak self-esteem often spirals into depression, anxiety, anger, and bitterness. Physical and mental health suffers as well. It is also worthy of note that this trait can be passed from mother to daughter because the mother is modeling the picture of what a woman and wife should look like.

Self-esteem is usually the way we feel, perceive, and see ourselves. When it’s high or positive self-esteem, It means that a  woman is not relying on anyone else to make her feel good about herself because she already knows that she’s perfect and beautiful the way she was created by God and God doesn’t make mistakes nor would he create anything insignificant. She has lots of confidence in herself and acknowledges her strengths and abilities and also can freely talk about them to others without feeling inferior and shameful. It doesn’t make her proud or self-centered, rather she is focused on areas that require development, work, and growth. She’s contented with herself because she knows that  she is far from perfection  and the same with everyone.  she understands that we human beings have our strong areas and weak spot. (weakness) and are all striving to be the better version of ourselves.

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