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The Ideal Parenting Style In Africa

The Ideal Parenting Style In Africa

There are two Parenting styles in Africa. The traditional African parenting style and the Modern African parenting style. After, studying what both styles entail, can we say that any of them is an ideal parenting style?

Despite the fact, that the traditional African parenting style seems ideal because it helps a child develop a strong sense of social responsibility, it cannot be said to be an ideal Parenting style, as it still has some negative impacts on the child. Children brought up under this style might end up being rebellious when they grow up because they were denied freedom in viewing life from their perspectives but that of their parents. In the recent movie produced by Netflix “The man of God” Samuel played by Akah Nani vowed to leave home and never return  because of the traditional African style being practiced by his Father

Under the traditional African parenting style, there is no proper bond or relationship between parents and children. That is why we see cases of children being sexually abused and them concealing it from their parents. Parents here, do not count it necessary to give their children proper sex education. A lot of things can go wrong under such a parenting style.

The Modern African parenting style has evolved to be very lenient. This style produces great results in leniency. Parents shower their children with so much love and care, that the concept of “spare the rod and spoil the child” is discarded. Children under such a Parenting style are very outspoken, bold, and filled with confidence. 

However, some permissive Parents think that modernity means letting your child get whatever they want and when they want. Children under this kind of style are over-pampered, Parents might not monitor their every act. That’s why we see cases of little children being on every social media platform, which if not properly monitored might end up hurting the children.

In conclusion, there isn’t an Ideal parenting style, but the best any Parent should do is to adopt a blend of both styles, there are portions of the traditional African Parenting style that are wholesome and should not be discarded but, the same goes for the Modern African Parenting style.

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