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The University of Ibadan’s admissions portal has been hacked

The University of Ibadan’s admissions portal has been hacked

Students of the University of Ibadan have been unable to access the admissions portal of the school due to a hack. 

The site can be seen displaying a short message with background music from the hackers. 

The message reads: 

“HACKED BY kosomak

I just fucked up your security without any permission 

Can’t stop me 

We are Egyptian hackers.” 

The hackers have not yet requested any ransom from the school. 

The University of Ibadan senate’s recently approved Friday October 21st as resumption date, while lectures are to commence on 24th of October. 

The University of Ibadan was also recently ranked first in Nigeria in the 2023 Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

These are the five gateways to every web page

1. The Form

2. The URL

3. The form method

4. The cookies

5. The session 

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Without these, there is no way any hacker can successfully hack (in this case *deface*) ur web page🙄

5 ways a site can be hacked

Solutions 👇👇

Here are their solutions *respectively*

1. Validation & filtration

2. Https

3. Use post never use get.

4. Never save sensitive data, in the cookie & for Christ’s sake,🙏🏻🙏🏻 it is an admission page always set an expiry date to your cookie.

5. Always set a reasonable session.

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