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Trudeau defends returning Russian-owned turbine

Trudeau defends returning Russian-owned turbine

Canada’s decision to return a turbine used in a pipeline that transports natural gas from Russia to Germany has been justified by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Despite the penalties, he claimed that returning the Russian-owned turbine was a “very difficult decision.” Ukraine has claimed that Canada has shifted its allegiance to Russia, but Mr. Trudeau reaffirmed the support of his government for Kiev. Additionally, he charged that the Kremlin had turned its energy sector into a weapon to harm Ukraine’s supporters. 

Canada made the contentious decision to liberate the turbine that had been imprisoned in a Montreal repair facility on Saturday. Some Ukrainians were incensed by it, and one group representing the Ukrainian diaspora announced that it will seek a court review of the decision. The Ukrainian government demanded that the decision be overturned and accused Canada of changing the sanctions “to the whims of Russia.” Since Moscow invaded neighboring Ukraine earlier this year, the energy sector in Russia has been a target of international sanctions and plays a crucial role in the country’s economy. 

In a statement to reporters on Wednesday, Mr. Trudeau said, “I remind people that the sanctions that Canada is leading on, that we continue to push harder and harder, are aimed at Putin and his enablers and aren’t designed to harm our allies and their populations,” Despite the sanctions imposed by Western countries against Russia, Canada intends to return the turbine for the gas pipeline to German energy giant Siemens and grant it a time-limited and revocable permission. Then, Germany would send the turbine back to Russia. On Wednesday, Mr. Trudeau reaffirmed that the exemption is valid for two years. The Nord Stream 1 pipeline, which transports gas from Russia to Germany, includes the turbine. According to Russia, the pipeline has only been working at 40% of its potential because of missing equipment. Germany has expressed concerns about an energy crisis as a result of its excessive reliance on Russian gas, particularly as winter approaches. 

The Toronto-based Ukrainian World Congress requested judicial review from a Canadian court on Tuesday to revoke the exemption and prevent the turbine from being given back. However, the US State Department has backed Canada’s choice, claiming that it will let Germany and other European nations refill their gas stockpiles while enhancing their energy security. The Kremlin-controlled energy firm Gazprom claimed as of Wednesday that it lacked documentation proving that Siemens was authorized to import the gas turbine for the Nord 1 Stream pipeline from Canada. 

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However, Siemens declared that it was now arranging the shipment and deployment of the turbine.

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