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U.S Teacher Speaks Out Over the Clamour for Her Resignation Because of Her Physique.

U.S Teacher Speaks Out Over the Clamour for Her Resignation Because of Her Physique.

Roxsana Diaz, the ‘infamous’ art teacher in a New Jersey preschool in the U.S has come out to address the reports, calling for her resignation because of her physique.

Speaking out during an Instagram live session on Thursday, August 25, the school art teacher opined that those calling for her resignation were only trying to take away her aspirations of being a school teacher and imparting knowledge to her students.

While addressing the criticism about her physique, Diaz confessed that it was ironic since most of her students’ mums had been nothing but supportive of her since the clamor for her resignation started.

Ms. Diaz added that she was impressed at the support she had gotten through letters and word of mouth but that however, some women had been making attempts to cancel her because of a stereotype. 

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“The tabloids and other agencies that have set up an agenda to put me out of my dream because of what I look like.” According to Roxsana.

Meanwhile, the school teacher revealed that she had no intention of resigning anytime soon despite the negativity from her detractors. Under the New Jersey and federal labor law, it was illegal for a school to sack a teacher based on his/her physical appearance, which is probably the reason why no action had been taken against the supposed complaints that have been made regarding the teacher’s looks

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