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Uganda reassures visitors that the Ebola outbreak will be contained.

Uganda reassures visitors that the Ebola outbreak will be contained.

Foreign visitors have been promised by Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni that the Ebola outbreak in the East African country will be contained.

The president emphasized that foreign visitors were canceling reservations and that international conferences had been postponed or relocated in a speech to the nation on Tuesday.

He claimed that only six out of the 146 districts in the nation had any active instances of the virus.

He continued, “Uganda is safe, and foreign visitors are welcome.

He claimed that a list of those who had been exposed to the virus had been sent to immigration authorities so that they could bar them from traveling abroad.

Since the outbreak was confirmed in September, 141 cases and 55 fatalities have been reported.

The president declared that the outbreak was being contained.

In the Mubende district, the epicenter of the outbreak, there had been no verified cases for 18 days, until one case was detected on Monday, according to health officials.

Mr. Museveni claimed that some members of the public who disobeyed health laws were impeding attempts to manage the disease.

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Boda Boda motorcycle taxis, which are used to transport persons rather than only freight, were disobeying the lockdown regulations in the impacted districts.

10 members of an extended family in the Kassanda area contracted Ebola after exhuming a cadaver buried by official burial teams and reburying it in accordance with their religious beliefs.

Two contacts in Kampala connected to different instances escaped from institutions, one to Masaka city and the other to Jinja city, and both later passed away.

Ugandan officials appear hopeful that the outbreak can be stopped before it expands, even though the infection has moved to regions that are far from the center in the central region.

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