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We Deserved to Lose- Robertson Comments on Liverpool’s Defeat by Napoli

We Deserved to Lose- Robertson Comments on Liverpool’s Defeat by Napoli

Liverpool defender, Andy Robertson has commented on their shambolic performance in Liverpool’s game against Napoli in the Champions League, where they were defeated 4-1 on Wednesday night. He slammed the team for their lackluster performance and concluded that they actually deserved to lose.

Protr Zielinski scored two goals for Napoli, Andre Franck Zambo scored another goal for Napoli, Giovanni Simeone sealed their win by scoring another goal for Napoli, making it 4-0, and Luis Diaz managed to score a consolation goal for Liverpool as the game ended as 4-1.

According to Robertson, they had chances, just had Napoli did, the only difference is that they failed to utilize theirs. Napoli played as the better team on the pitch, as you cannot come to the Champions League only to leave your base open, and this exactly was their mistake. They weren’t close or compact which gave Napoli’s strikers easy access to Liverpool’s base.

Robertson further added that it was so obvious that they didn’t bring their A-game into the match, and they actually deserved to be beaten. And he hopes that they’ll wake up and step up their game because it is degrading to have performed like that.

‘We were miles too open. You can not come to a place like this and be this open,’ he told BT Sport.

‘We had chances in the game, they had chances. They were the miles better team, but when you miss one challenge you need someone to back him up and too many times they turned and ran into open space and got in behind and caused our two center-backs problems, whether it was 2 v 2 or 3 v 2s at times.’

‘When you come away in a Champions League game, you can’t be that open and you have to get back to basics, you have to be compact. We created chances tonight but we deserved this result tonight and they found so many spaces in the first half, it was like they had an extra man and it is not like us.’

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‘You know the crowd is going to be up and you have to be ready to fight, and I don’t think we were close enough to our mate when they went to press the ball. I don’t think we were quick enough. And when you do that, you get pickemisplacef as we did.’

‘We’ve been beaten 4-1 and we deserved it. We need to wake up quickly because we can’t perform like that.’

Liverpool is to face Wolves in the premier league game on Saturday.

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