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What You Don’t Know About Viral Indian Film titled RRR

What You Don’t Know About Viral Indian Film titled RRR

You probably reside under a stone if you are yet to stumble on the new Netflix trending film titled RRR. Or you ain’t keeping in touch with trending movies and entertainment, in any case, you need to get these interesting facts about RRR movies

The film was written and also Directed by famous writer S.S. Rajamouli (an Indian). He got the scripts for this project written under the assistance of “V. Vijayendra Prasad” who was his co-writer. This interesting drama series is an “epic” film, it has continued to capture the admiration of all film lovers spread across the globe.

With title source from “Ram Charan” and “Rama Rao Jnr”, the drama goes by a fictional story focused on two (2) revolutionaries (real-life) from India, Komaram Bheem and Alluri Sitarama Raju ( cast by Rao and Charan respectively), who were strong agents in the fight against “Nizam of Hyderabad” (Rao) as well “the British Raj” (by Charan).

If you have come across this mind-blowing production, here are five (5) fascinating facts you probably don’t know about it.

1. It is Not A Bollywood Movie

You might have been among the many who group this film as production by the Bollywood industry, but you are wrong! The movie is not a Bollywood production but a Tollywood film (Tollywood is an acronym which stands for the “Telugu film industry” sited in South India). Just like other movie industries like the Kannywood industry and the Nollywood movie industry, India also has theirs. The Telugu industry is also very much successful as well as self-sufficient.

Essentially, movies produced in the industry were initially acted in Telugu but later translated to various other languages in Indian including the Hindu language. The Tollywood industry also has its famous stars but oftentimes, top artists from Bollywood make their first performance in Tollywood and the other available movie industries in India.

2. Some of The RRR’s Major Cast Had to Undergo Lessons to be able to speak Telugu.

Many of these casts were trained for more than 15 months. A top actress in the film named “Alia Bhatt” learned to speak Telugu just to be able to play the role. Likewise, one of the co-leading actors in the RRR film, “Rama Rao” was said to have passed through an 18 months training program just to build his body to play his role.

3. RRR Stands as the 10th Highest Grossing film in the World

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The movie stands at a top ten spot when it comes to the global box office chart. In the Indian industry, its position is at the 3rd-highest-grossing film. It is also the 2nd-highest-grossing In all Telugu films. The action-filled movie also maintains a spot as the 2nd-biggest opening weekend (Indian movies) after the opening of “Baahubali 2” which came earlier, RRR gross price is said to stand at about $140 million worldwide.

4. RRR Has Connection with Baahubali

The two films share a similar Director. Their director is S.S. Rajamouli. Reports from Indian media had that he is on the top list of highest-paid Telugu directors with a net wealth estimated to stand at $20 million.

5. Making RRR costs about $72 million

Many of the film’s production budgets reportedly went to amount to about $72 million, for production and its sceneries, RRR is on the list of the ever-made highly expensive Indian films.

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