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Youth voters apathy and the cry for change

Youth voters apathy and the cry for change

There’s hardly no time on social media where you don’t find reports of youths venting their anger on government policies or complaining about their leaders.

The woke youth as they are labeled in some quarters want a rapid change in our political landscape with right forward thinking youthful individuals at the helm of affairs.

But the question is: “Are the youth ready?”

The just concluded local government elections held in Lagos and Ogun state recorded low turn out among youth. The so called woke generation were no where to be found.

If we are to be sincere with ourselves, the change we want and clamour for won’t be delivered on a platter. Need I say politics is all about structure, and political structure isn’t built in a day, or built a year to the election?

Thankfully, we had the Youth Party of Nigeria putting words to action, but the results recorded by the party has proven politics is indeed local and all about structure.

We should face the reality, even though we are ripe for electronic voting and transmission it won’t happen, and this is because we have the same crop of leaders and representatives in the legislative arm.

The youth need to find their voice away from social media noise. Elections are not won on social media.

You can’t claim to want change, then sit at the comfort of your house watching TV while leaving the needful to the presumed non enlightened individuals.

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If we can mobilize over a 100,000 people to camp at Lekki and we can’t do same or turnover 500 voters to win a ward, then this really shows that we are not ready.

We need to start building a formidable structure now, we need to make them know we are serious.

Politics is not e-noise.

Politics is truly local.
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