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2023: Atiku still has a lot to explain

2023: Atiku still has a lot to explain

As the race for the 2023 presidential election is in top gear, contenders and pretenders alike are preparing for the contest. Among the leading contenders is the former Vice President to Olusegun Obasanjo presidency at the inception of this republic, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar which has been a serial contestant since 2007.

Atiku who as a Vice President headed National Council on Privatization has some hanging questions over the way most of the national assets were hurriedly disposed in the name of privatization which at the time the government thought would enable smooth, effective and sustainable running of the disposed government property. But reverse is the case as much is less to be desired from the outcome of the process headed by him.

Many are of the opinion that privatization process then was the biggest scam which cannot be forgotten in a hurry.

Now that he (Atiku) is running for the presidency again in the coming 2023 election, it is only right for a man who is promising to rescue the nation from the shackles of mid governance to answer critical questions about perceived shenanigans in the process that led to the loss of some of our national assets which are still moribund after their sale to private individuals and group. 

Among the national properties hurriedly sold was old NITEL house which is one of the tallest building in Marina. It was sold cheap to Dimeji Bankole’s father for partry 4 billion naira. What of the National Shipping line? Atiku and High Chief Raymond Aleogho Dokpesi would have something to explain to Nigeria at the right time.

NITEL house, Marina

Another one is the sale of NigerDock which was the largest ship fabrication yard in west africa. Atiku as head of NCP sold it to his preferred bidder “Global Energy” and after sales they immediately sacked 2,200 workers of the coy. Later, global energy sold to Jagal group and those ones sacked another 1,400workers. 

Atiku was bidding for Ericsson after being offered $3 million to procure NITEL even when it was obvious the European company did not have the technical capacity and competence like the American counterpart, Motorola, which made many wondering Atiku’s motive for such actions.

I can begin to name more of such assets sold which included but not limited to the following: Aluminum Steel Rolling Mills in Ajaokuta, NICON Nuga hotel,Nigeria Airways. From NigerDock to Nigeria Airways, to our textile companies, it is the same storylines. Under Atiku’s watch, everything was sold without even payment of gratuity to workers. The same people are seen as great businessmen today.

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Aluminum Steel Rolling Mills in Ajaokuta

Should I continue listing? He will definitely have lots to explain!

I hope his first assignment, if he ever entered Aso Rock Villa will not be to sell NNPC to his political allies as most of his friends have been targeting that one since like forever.

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