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2023: What sin has Tinubu committed?

2023: What sin has Tinubu committed?

It is about fifteen years that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed (BAT) last held any political office but since he has announced his aspirations to contest the February 2023 presidential election, it appears that all hell has been let loose.

Though he is not the only candidate who is eyeing the exalted number one seat of the country, but he is the one among the dominant figure who has generated a lot of turmoil among the opposition. The political landscape has all but settled with his name trending on various social media platforms with many opposition to his aspirations throwing up dirts on his ambition to the extent of swearing and cursing.

According to media intelligence reports, there are well over 16 qualified Nigerians who likely want to be president. It is well within their rights to contest as guaranteed by the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria, which guaranteed the right of an individual to vote and to be voted for. Like in every democratic settings, elections are a test of popularity which the Jagaban has in abundance.

It is only right to ask why his aspirations are being met with so much vile and bitterness from some sections of social media users. Bashing of some kind has become of his ambitions from both part and full-time jobs for many on social media, without actually stating his offence or why he should not become the president, especially from the people of southeastern part of the country.

It is surprising that Tinubu, who at no point in time govern any state outside of Lagos attracts so much venom from various quarters of people especially people outside of where he actually governed. What is actually his offence? The poisonous malice aimed at him is what is actually propelling him to strive more towards his presidential ambitions. Among his many sins is the one of age, but the man can take solace in the election of Joe Biden as the president of United States of America, knowing fully well that 2023 can be his last and best shots to become president of the country.

The kind of brouhaha around Tinubu by his detractors without giving credible alternatives can actually help to boost his popularity index and increase his chance of becoming the president come 2023. it will also not be out of place asking some certain questions to ascertain and evaluate where the controversies are coming from. Many has written about how he pocketed Lagos and some other states in south west regions. However, at no point has there been extensive research on the subject. It is noteworthy to know how a single man can capture the richest state in the country and beyond.

It is evident in the fact that no court of competent jurisdiction has convicted him of any cases of corruption, as brandished around by people that he is a scrupulous politician. His style of politics can be questioned but it does not matter whether we love him or not; he is an enigma in the political landscape of Nigeria.

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You may be wondering where I am driving at. Bashing or thrashing him (Tinubu) by making him look like a some kind villain can not in any way hinder his presidential ambitions. Those opposed to his ambitions should endeavour to outline many of his supposed sins which make him persona non grata for the post, instead of trying to malign his ambitions with media attacks that reeks toxic, vile and even libellous.

The sole aim is to stop Tinubu, but how can you stop him without naming a credible alternative, and stating why such alternative should be the chosen one?

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