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Abuja Man Electrocuted While Stealing High Tension Wire in Abuja.

Abuja Man Electrocuted While Stealing High Tension Wire in Abuja.

The quest by some people to have money, by whatever means without thinking it through, or thinking about the negative consequences is quite alarming. A man named Ezekiel was electrocuted while trying to steal high-tension wires in Utako, Abuja on Saturday. Fortunately for the thief, he did not die, he only sustained serious burns.

A source told new respondents that he was Electrocuted While on the quest of Acquiring high tension wires, to sell them. According to him they heard his shout and cry for help, he initially thought that the thief wanted to take his life, as several people who are frustrated with life try out several means to end their life, but on seeing his tools, as his torchlight, and other tools which he wanted to use to commit the act where on the floor, he knew that he was there to steal. 

He said, “This early morning, a man known as Ezekiel, was electrocuted. He wanted to steal a wire from the high tension belonging to the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company and in the process of doing that he was electrocuted.

“We heard the sound of an electrical spark in the night and also heard the scream of the man.“If not for the fact that saw, plier, and torchlight scattered on the ground, I would have thought that he wanted to commit suicide. But with those tools, he went there on a mission. The man was lucky he did not die, but he sustained multiple burn injuries.”

The state’s police  Spokesperson Josephine Adeh has confirmed this incident, according to her he was rescued by policemen on patrol although he has been taken to the hospital when he’s better he’ll be prosecuted for his crime, he has to pay for committing such a dangerous act that could endanger the life of other people.

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 said, “Our men while on patrol came in contact with him; he had severe burns, and they rushed him to the Wuse General Hospital where he is currently receiving treatment. He will be prosecuted but we will wait till he fully recovers. His tools are in our custody.”

We’ve had several people who died from stealing Cable wires from Transformers and those who do from stealing high tension wires, but it seems death itself doesn’t servecasca deterrence to cable thieves. The unfortunate thing about people who commit thieves crimes, they end up putting innocent citizens in danger, as it can lead to a fire outbreak. As we know that electricity is not something to be toyed with

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