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Afghanistan take over; Is Nigeria at risk of a similar outcome?

Afghanistan take over; Is Nigeria at risk of a similar outcome?

Nigeria is currently battling insecurity, insurgency and multiple violent groups all demanding for one thing or the other. This has led to so many either displaced from their homes, kidnapped or killed including members of the security forces who have been stretched beyond their limits in a bid to maintain peace and orderliness in the country.

You can argue that almost every country has its own challenges, but Nigeria is presently going through one of its worst period of security challenges that has made many live in fear even in the regions where relative peace is experienced.

The African Giant tag seems to be a mere title now as it appears it is losing the fight within its own boundaries not to talk of helping other African nations with their own problems.

While the government and its troops have not backed down and continue to offer hope and assurances of victory albeit unconvincingly, some quarters have called for the help of western big brothers to come help fight and combat this raging monster of terrorism that is consuming so many on a daily basis, especially in the North-Eastern part of the country where the Boko Haram insurgency has held sway for a while now.

Boko Haram insurgents

While this sounds like a great idea considering they will bring the much needed superior fire power and advanced technical war-fare tools our own troops clearly lack, the effect on the long run can be more disastrous. A very practical example is the recent Afghanistan take over by the Taliban forces.

The US, who for so many years occupied this foreign country and helped to install a government whilst fighting the Taliban forces decided to pull out due to a change in their foreign policy rules, and this has led to a takeover by the same Taliban forces they kept at bay all this while; even the President fled and the US forces did not intervene as everybody is heading back home.

The “peace” they thought they had achieved while the US forces were on ground was merely a mirage, and it is now evident that their problems were never truly solved. Peace

is not forced but is achieved through amicable resolutions and settlements.

While the country of Afghanistan is in chaos with so many people scrambling at the airport waiting for cancelled flights to be given the go ahead to fly, the US safely evacuated its embassy staffs and nationals via helicopters leaving residents to their fate.

Every nation is now concerned with its own problems and fixated on fixing it by themselves. Nigeria as a nation should do the same. If we fail to manage our own problems and allow sentiments, political and religious divides to stop us from achieving true peace, no foreign nation can come and enforce it on our behalf.

We have many examples to learn from; South Sudan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Palestine/Israel, Myanmar, Haiti, Rwanda and now Afghanistan, we have to imbibe the culture of peace and unity or risk losing it all.
Internally displaced Nigerians

Our differences, issues and disagreements as a people are diverse with every section holding a right to its opinions but we can choose peace above all our differences, it is safer, cheaper and the best option there is. At the end, the decisions taken now will determine what the future holds for us, our children and those yet unborn if we give them a chance to be born at all.

May God bless Nigeria.

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