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Anambra 2021: The likely cause of APC’s colossal defeat

Anambra 2021: The likely cause of APC’s colossal defeat

Anambra’s long-awaited election has come and gone. Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo, an APGA candidate, has been elected as the next governor of the Southeast’s most powerful economy. People assumed that the election would be difficult to win, but when newly elected professor Charles stated that he would win the election even if only 100 people voted, they recognized that the economist was well prepared and that he had no competition among the candidates.

The APC controls the FG, and many speculated that the federal government may have a role in determining the election’s victor. However, the results showed that the APGA candidate won by a significant margin over the APC candidate, who finished in third place behind the PDP candidate, who came in second. Mr. Andy Uba, who was anxious to lead Anambra State, ran for governor many times but was unsuccessful. The Anambra people were betrothed to APGA for a multitude of reasons, one of which being Chief Chukwemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu’s personality as the party’s grand patron. The APGA was thought to be an Igbo party.

Andy Uba

The governor of Imo state is a member of the APC. Many believe that the Imo experience has prompted other South-east residents to reflect on their losses since the rise of Uzodinma. In the South-east, Imo has the greatest level of insecurity. In Imo, several Igbo youngsters have died. Over 70 homes have been damaged, along with property worth millions of naira. Uzodinma recently reversed the position of the Southern Governors’ Forum to put a halt to the Fulani herdsmen’s open grazing practices. Hope Uzodinma is the only governor in the South East who has been unable to obey the orders of others, implying that he is working for the APC. Because of the Imo argument, Igbos may not feel at home in Anambra if the APC controls the state. Because there was no rebellion in any region of the East or Anambra state, it is assumed that people’s decisions decided the election’s outcome.

Hope Uzodinma

Let Soludo, whom the people have entrusted with their fates, demonstrate to them that his appointment as governor was not a mistake, given that he has tried and failed several times, implying that he sees a brighter future for Nigeria’s economy.

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