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BBC reporter writes police over threat to life

BBC reporter writes police over threat to life

British Broadcasting Corporation’s Africa Eye reporter Peter Nkanga, has written to the Nigerian Police Force, informing them of a threat to his life by Ahmed Isah, the host of the radio program, Berekete Family Show.

Isah is the owner of the human rights show, and since the broadcast of the BBC documentary that showed how Isah assaulted an interviewee out of anger and gushing emotions in Isah’s words, the radio station was suspended for 30 days and fined N5 million for unprofessional conduct by the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC).

Nkanga reported that he has been receiving death threats from followers of the popular radio host, whom they also refer to as the ‘Ordinary President,’ after his phone numbers were shared on social media platforms.

Peter Nkanga

He disclosed in a letter that some of the followers have even gone as far as threatening to stone him to death.

Hence, Nkanga in his letter addressed to the NPF Public Relations today urged the police to invite Isah to sign an undertaking guaranteeing that no harm will come upon him, his family, and his colleagues at the BBC.

The reporter also shared in his letter that he had reported the incident to the acting Inspector-General of Police, Usman Alkali Baba.

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Nkanga in his letter expressed his fear for his life, and the lives of his family and colleague, as well as his family’s fear for his life

Peter’s letter is best expressed in his words as follows: 

Dear Mr Mba, I am reaching out to you because I don’t feel safe. What is worrying me and really affecting my family is that for over a week, the Police are yet to act on the clear threats to my personal safety. On Tuesday, 25 May 2021, the British Broadcasting Corporation submitted an official letter with corroborating evidence to the Inspector-General of Police regarding harassment, cyber-bullying and threat to my life and others. It is over a week now, and I am following up to know the status of the letter and the actions that the Police have taken, most particularly for Ahmad Isah of the Human Rights Radio 101.1FM to be invited to sign an undertaking that no harm will befall me, my family and BBC crew. This is because the harassment and threats were occasioned by our phone numbers released on his live programme to the public. I am reaching out to you Mr Mba because I don’t feel safe. Truth be told, I won’t feel safe until Ahmad signs this undertaking for at least two (2) reasons: 1). Because Ahmad is someone with power & influence who boldly lied on his Live show when he told his followers and the whole world that I and the BBC plotted to kill him. This was a premeditated lie with malicious intentions. Because Ahmad, in at least one similar instance that I know, got his mob to harass and threaten a station manager at LoveFM some years back. I spoke to the station manager who had to insist that the Police get Ahmad to sign an undertaking. The importance of getting this undertaking for my safety must be emphasised. Family, friends and associates, at home and abroad, feel the same way. We are calling on the Police to intervene to nip the threat to my life and ensure the safety of me, my family and the BBC crew by getting Ahmad to sign an undertaking.” 

He indicated that he is into hiding with the note “journalist in hiding” at the cover of the letter. 

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